Early Bird Program

Ford Early Lease End Program

Ford's Early Bird Lease-End Program is back! If you are nearing the end of your lease terms, you can waive your remaining payments (up to three months) for being an early bird! If your lease is scheduled to end soon, then you should contact your local Ford dealer to schedule a lease-end appointment and discuss your next new vehicle options!

The All New Ford Escape

Rise and shine! Time to hurry over and escape those lease terms a little bit sooner by taking advantage of the Ford Early Bird Program. Even if you're not in a Ford Escape now, you should see why this vehicle might be just right for you.

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2017 ford escape
2017 ford expedition

The All New Ford Expedition

It's time to wake up! Thanks to the Early Bird program, you can start your Expedition towards your next new vehicle a little bit sooner than anticipated. Get out of that lease up to 3 months earlier and get into a better, newer car today!

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The All New Ford F-150

People are flocking to the dealer to cash in on Ford's Early Bird Sales Event. Even if you're not a morning person, this program will get you off to a great new start on your next vehicle whether you buy or lease.

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2017 ford f150
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Offers subject to change without notice. Up to 3 payments waived (maximum $1,800). Lease termination dates must be within eligible time frame. See dealer for details.